Salvador Calatayud Giner EN

Salvador Calatayud Giner
Titular de Universidad (TU)

Phone: (+34) 9638 28255
Office 3C07
Web (URL)          CV (PDF)

Research lines

• Agrarian history: property, technological change and crops

• Food history

• The liberal State formation since the 19th century

Relevant publications

• ‘Diet and social inequality at the beginning of the nutritional transition in Mediterranean Spain, 1822-1936’. In: Medina-Albaladejo FJ, Martínez-Carrión JM and Calatayud S (eds.) Inequality and nutritional transition in economic history (Spain in the 19th-21st centuries). London: Routledge (2023: 27-50)

• ‘Agrarian development and state building in Spain: the contest for irrigation in the Valencian region, 1770-1860’, Rural History 34(1): 39-54 (with Jesús Millán y Mª Cruz Romeo, 2023)

• ‘The price of improvements: agrarian contracts and agrarian development in nineteenth-century eastern Spain’, Economic History Review 64(2): 598-620 (with Samuel Garrido, 2011)

Research projects

• ‘From the financial crisis to the digital revolution’, Grupo de Investigación de Excelencia, Generalitat Valenciana (PROMETEO/2020/083), 2020-2023 (+ info)

• ‘Reforms before Reformism. Spain, 1850-1910. Crisis and alternatives of elite liberalism’, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (PGC2018-100017-B-I00), 2018-2021 (+ info)