Crisis financieras: pasado, presente y futuro. España y la economía internacional ¿Que hemos aprendido? EN

Financial crises: past, present and future. Spain and the international economy, what have we learned?


Pablo Martín Aceña
(Universidad de Alcalá)



The severe financial crisis in which the world economy is currently immersed has generated numerous studies to analyze the possible parallels and similarities between past and present. The main goal of this research project is to study and compare the major financial crises that occurred in Spain since the second half of the 19th century; causes; development and fiscal and macroeconomic consequences. Our purpose is to place the Spanish case in an international context. The project is thus an exercise in comparative economic history, to better understand the financial problems of the present in order to be able to face the current financial crisis and its consequences with greater confidence and efficiency.

Research team

Concha Betrán Pérez 
Antonio Cubel Montesinos 
Joaquim Cuevas Casaña 
Pablo Martín Aceña (Universidad de Alcalá)
Elena Martínez Ruiz (Universidad de Alcalá)
Pilar Nogués-Marco (Universidad Carlos III)
Jordi Palafox Gamir 
M. Ángeles Pons Brias