Working Papers

Working Papers EH-Valencia (DT-EHV) 

Basic information

The Working Papers EH-Valencia (DT-EHV) collection publishes research advances from the Economic History group at the Unitersitat de València (EH-Valencia) and PhD students from the Inter-University Doctoral Programme in Economic History (+info). 

The collection has a scientific committee to ensure quality and that the works follow some basic editorial guidelines. For more information please contact with:

Scientific committee

Concepción Betrán Pérez
Joaquim Cuevas Casaña

DT–EHV 2023/04

«Distribución, demanda y desarrollo. Fundamentos sociales para el análisis del crecimiento económico»

Pablo Marmissolle 


DT–EHV 2023/03

«Impact of privatization on firm performance in Vietnam: A Staggered Difference-in-Differences analysis with heterogeneous treatment effects»

Quang Minh Nguyen 


DT–EHV 2023/02

«Scarring through the German hyperinflation»

Gregori Galogré-Vilà


DT–EHV 2023/01

«The Spanish municipal population dataset (ESPOP) 1860-1930»

Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia
Alfonso Díez Minguela
Julio Martínez Galarraga
Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat