David González Agudo EN

David González Agudo
Ayudante Doctor (AD)

Email: david.gonzalez-agudo@uv.es
Phone: (+34) 9638 25086
Office: 3F02
Web (URL)          CV (PDF)

Research lines

• Standards of living in Modern Spain

• Agrarian history: land rents

• Common lands predation, 15th-16th centuries

Relevant publications

• ‘The gender wage gap in early modern Toledo, 1550-1650’. The Journal of Economic History 80(2): 351-385 (with Mauricio Drelichman, 2020)

• ‘Prices in Toledo (Spain), sixteenth and seventeenth centuries’. Social Science History 43(2): 269-295 (2019)

• ‘Housing and the cost of living in early modern Toledo’. Explorations in Economic History 54(4): 27-47 (with Mauricio Drelichman, 2014)

Research projects

• ‘Labour, real wages and consumption in preindustrial Spain. Measuring divergences in regional and international perspective’, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (HAR2016-78026-P), 2017-2021 (+ info)

• ‘The economic, cultural, and social legacy of the Spanish Inquisition’, Government of Canada (SSHRCC Insight Grant #435-2015-0285), 2015-2019

• ‘Mortality and agrarian growth in Spain, sixteenth to nineteenth centuries’, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (HAR2012-33810), 2013-2016