España, del Antiguo Régimen al Estado Liberal (ESPAREL) EN

Spain, from the Ancien Régime to the Liberal State (ESPAREL)

Fundación BBVA

Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat
(Universitat de València)



The transition from the Ancien Régime to the liberal State is one of the most important episodes in Spanish history. During this period, marked by political and socioeconomic instability, several reforms were implemented that would transform society and territory. Although the historiography is extensive, there is a great void that limits the historical study: an infrastructure that organizes the historical statistics for this period. Despite the fact that the censuses of 1787 and 1797 did not have continuity until the creation of the General Statistical Commission of the Kingdom in 1856, which, a year later, would prepare the first modern census, there are a good number of sources that have not been exploited from an overall perspective. The objective of this project is thus to generate a digital infrastructure (ESPAREL) that allows linking, for the entire territory, the historical information available in the 1787 Census (or Floridablanca Census) to the primary sources of the early 19th century. Thus, ESPAREL will be a digital platform that connects the Ancien Régime with the liberal State that, in turn, laid the foundations of the current territorial administration.

Research team

Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia (NTNU, Norway)
Alfonso Díez Minguela 
Alicia Gómez-Tello (Universitat de València)
Julio Martínez Galarraga 
Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat