Gregori Galofre Vila EN

Gregori Galofré-Vilà 
Ramón y Cajal fellow

Office: 3E01
Phone: (+ 34) 9638 25508
Web (URL)

Research lines

• Political economy

• Technological change

• Living standards

Relevant publications

• ‘Spoils of war: the political legacy of the German hyperinflation’. Explorations in Economic History (forthcoming)

• ‘Austerity and the rise of the Nazi party’. Journal of Economic History 81(1): 81-113 (with Christopher M. Meissner, Martin McKee and David Stuckler, 2021)

• ‘Quantifying the impact of aid fo dependent children: An epidemiological framework’. Explorations in Economic History 77 (2020)

Research projects

• Ramón y Cajal (RYC) fellowship, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2023 (€236.350)