Grupo de Investigación Economic History-Valencia (EH-V) EN

Conselleria Innovació

Research group in Economic History-Valencia (EH-V)

Generalitat Valenciana,
Conselleria d´Educació
(AICO 2018/130, CPI-18-319)

Concha Betrán Pérez
(Universitat de València)



The objective of this project is the formation of the Economic History-Valencia (EH-V) research group and has as its origin the collaboration of researchers from the Area of History and Economic Institutions of the Departament d’Anàlisi Econòmica of the Universitat de València and the Area of History and Institutions of the Departament d’Economia of the Universitat Jaume I. The members of the group have carried out different lines of research that have in common the analysis of growth and economic development in the long run, among which the following stand out: economic growth and productivity: agriculture and industry; Globalization: trade and migration and impact on the labor market, Inequality: wage and regional; and Finance and financial crises. The research lines developed by the research group in this project are: 1. Research line: Regional inequality; 1.1. Regional inequality in Europe and America: long-term trends and explanatory factors; 1.2. Inequality, human capital formation, and regional economic growth: Spain, 1787-1930. 2. Research line: Economic growth and standards of living: health, nutrition and sustainability. 3. Research line: Collective action, sustainable use of water and social capital. 4. Research line: Crises: Changes and Challenges. 

Research team

Concha Betrán Pérez 
Salvador Calatayud Giner 
Antonio Cubel Montesinos 
Joaquim Cuevas Casaña 
Samuel Garrido Herrero (Universitat Jaume I)
Julio Martínez Galarraga 
M. Angeles Pons Brias 
M. Teresa Sanchis Llopis 
Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat