Reformas antes del Reformismo. España, 1850-1910. Crisis y alternativas del liberalismo de élites EN

Reforms before Reformism. Spain 1850-1910.
Crisis and alternatives of elite liberalism


Jesús Millán y García-Varela
(Universitat de València)



The aim of this research project is to analyze the emergence, in various fields, of proposals or signs of awareness of reform, prior to the usually known era of “reformism”, in the 20th century Spain. The project focuses on the era of “elites liberalism”, when the confidence still prevailed that the liberated or correctly articulated forces of contemporary society would lead to progress and social harmony, without implying a special growth of the State. This period is also important to try to explain the passage from the era of sovereign liberalism predominance to the consolidation, from 1874 on, of an anti-democratic liberalism, which rested on the demobilization and the supplantation of citizenship in the political field, but in the one that made its way through that awareness of the need for reforms when the imbalances that industrialization and capitalism generated in society became visible.

Research team

Salvador Calatayud Giner 
Pablo Cervera Ferri 
Pol Dalmau (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Pedro Díaz Marín (Universitat d’Alacant)
Javier Esteve Martí (Universidad de Chile)
Jorge Luengo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Jesús Millán y García-Varela (Universitat de València)
M. Cruz Romeo Mateo (Universitat de València)