Francisco J. Medina Albaladejo EN

Francisco J. Medina Albaladejo
Titular de Universidad (TU)

Phone: (+34) 9638 28222
Office: 3D03
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Research lines

• Spanish industrialization, agroalimentary sector, 19th-20th centuries

• Business history, agrarian and consumption cooperative societies

• Standards of living, nutritional transition, diet structure

Relevant publications

• ‘Old wine in new wineskins? Understanding the cooperative movement: Catalonia, 1860-1939’. European Review of Economic History (with Dolores Añón Higón, Alfonso Díez-Minguela and José Miguel Lana-Berasain, forthcoming)

• ‘Unequal access to food during the nutritional transition: evidence from Mediterranean Spain’. Economic History Review 73(4): 1023-1049 (with Salvador Calatayud, 2020)

• ‘Co-operative wineries in Italy and Spain in the second half of the twentieh century: success or failure of the co-operative business model?’. Enterprise & Society 18(1): 32-71 (with Tito Menzani, 2017)

Research projects

• ‘Collective action institutions, social capital and resource management in historical perspective: Europe and America’, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (PID2019-109336GB-I00), 2020-2024 (+ info)

• ‘Past and present standards of living in Spain: health, food and sustainability, 19th-20th centuries’, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (HAR2016-76814-C2-1-P), 2017-2020 (+ info)

• ‘Governed nature. An ecological, institutional and cultural approach to community resource management (13th-21st centuries)’, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (HAR2015-64076-P), 2016-2019 (+ info)