Las bases sociales del Estado y la trayectoria de la sociedad civil en la España del siglo XIX, 1840-1880 EN

The social foundations of the State and the trajectory of the civil society in 19th century Spain, 1840-1880


Jesús Millán y García-Varela
(Universitat de València)



This project attempts to explore and sketch an alternative approach to the relations and interrelations between the State and the civil society in 19th century Spain. Instead of accentuating, as has often been done, the economic and socio-cultural backwardness of the country, we believe that some factors should be especially highlighted, such as the importance of liberal radicalism and the multiple socio-economic projects of liberalism; the real scope of the insufficiencies of the State at each moment of the century; or the role of public opinion in relation to State action. The project will investigate: (1) The relevance and limits of progressive and democratic politics and their mobilizing speeches; (2) The chronology and influence of Catholic criticism of the politics and social order of liberalism; (3) The growing State presence in irrigation systems and personnel recruitment networks through the provincial administration.

Research team

Jesús Millán y García-Varela (Universitat de València)
Salvador Calatayud Giner 
Pedro Díaz Marín (Universitat d’Alacant)
Florencia Peyrou Tubert (Universitat de València)
M. Cruz Romeo Mateo (Universitat de València)
Carles Sirera Miralles (Universitat de València)